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Sabtu, Disember 03, 2011

Hina Islam melalui iklan Coke di eropah

Bila di lihat dan diperhatikan dengan teliti, yang di 'saf' belakang tu orang sebenarnye. Mereka mengiklankan solat dengan berpakaian seperti ini. Berkupiah jenama 'coke'.

Mula mula tengok dekat email, saya tak berapa perasan sebenarnye gambar ni adalah 'orang' sebab yang 'saf' kat belakang tu sama macam botol air yang disusun. Cantik jer. Tapi saya mula perasan bila tengok 'imam' yang dekat depan tu tengah sujud. Nampak tangan. Tergamam aku.

Perhatikan perkataan 'coca-cola'. Cuba beli satu botol coke dan koyakkan pembalut plastik dan lepas itu terbalik kan. Kita akan dapat lihat tulisan nya akan menjadi '' La' Muhammad La' Makkah ''. yang bermasud TIADA MUHAMMAD, TIADA MAKKAH. 

Sedarlah wahai sahabat sahabat, bila kita mengucapkan kata-kata TIADA MUHAMMAD, TIADA MAKKAH, sebenarnya akidah kita dah terpesong. Kita renungkan kembali, bangsa yahudi tidak akan aman selagi Islam itu tak tenggelam. 

Mereka sering berusaha menghancurkan ISLAM. Dan bila kita lihat balik, sebahagian usaha mereka telah hampir berjaya kerana orang Islam kini lebih terikut dengan budaya barat. Bangsa Yahudi tahu, mereka tidak boleh mengalahkan ISLAM dengan peperangan dan mereka cuba untuk musnahkan ISLAM melalui pemikiran.

Pelancaran Jersi Baru Kelantan 2012

Pelancaran Jersi Baru The Red Warriors untuk musim 2012 akan diadakan pada hari Jumaat 30 Disember 2011 di Pasaraya KBmall, Kota Bharu.
Penyokong boleh mendapatkan Jersi Original ini pada hari pelancaran dan bagi mereka yang tidak dapat hadir ke majlis pelancaran tersebut pihak KAFA akan menjual jersi baru secara Online bermula tarikh 30 Disember ini.Jersi original dilancarkan pada 30 Disember manakala Jersi replika pula akan dijual seminggu kemudian.
Harga bagi jersi Kelantan musim 2012 ialah Rm85 untuk Original dan Rm55 untuk jersi Replika.
Sementara itu, majlis menandatangani penajaan musim 2012 akan diadakan di Kuala Lumpur pada hari Jumaat 15 Disember 2011.MSL juga dijangka akan memperkenalkan logo baru Liga Malaysia.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Beyond the Realm of Conscience (TVB).jpg


Gong Choi-king is forced back into the palace with her daughter, Lau Sam-ho and their servant, Yiu Kam-ling. Gong Choi-King comes from a very talented background of jewellery making, therefore she was assigned the task of making a beautiful, gold hairpiece in the shape of a phoenix, with a luminous pearl as the eye and the feathers of a river kingfisher as the tail for the Empress Dowager. However, during the Empress' daily walk around the imperial garden, the phoenix headpiece suddenly cries into tears of blood. Taking this as a sign of bad luck, she throws the hair piece away and demands the jewellery maker to be severely punished. Gong Choi-King suffers harsh beating as her punishment and eventually passes away. Before passing away, she tells Sam-ho to always remember the significance of her name. (Sam-ho literally means three goodness) She also tells her to help and work together with Kam-ling as if they are related sisters.
Around the time of Choi-king's death, Dowager Concubine Cheng's son, Lee Yi (prince) encounters the six years old Sam-ho. He showed kindness to Sam-ho by giving her some white flowers from Choi-king's favourite tree (Chinese viburnums (瓊花) so she can take it to her dying mother. Empress Dowager was still very angry because of the hair piece and asked the new head of the Jewellery department, Yuen Chui-wan to shatter it. However, Yuen Chui-wan believed that the hairpiece is a one of a kind masterpiece, therefore she injures her own hand to protect it. She tells Empress Dowager that the hair piece is full of bad luck and if it is shattered all the bad luck will emmense into the air. Taking this as an advantage Empress Dowager forces Dowager Concubine Cheng to wear the hair piece and tells her because of her good spirit she can block the bad luck from the entering the palace. After a short period of time bad luck begins to happen to Dowager Concubine Cheng and her son Lee Yi. The story was told that Lee Yi fell off a tree, while trying to reach for his kite. The fall injured his head causing his brain to remain as a 6 year old boy forever. Lee Yi uses this mental illness as an excuse to escape the imminenet death threat from the Empress Dowager, Sam-ho gives him some sweet lotus seed candy to comfort him on the journey. Because of this, the young prince begins to develop a small affection for her.
The Imperial Household Bureau is responsible for managing and directing all household services to the Emperor and the Imperial family of the Tang Dynasty. It is made up of four departments, namely the Houses of Jewellery, Attire, Food, and Furnishing. Sam-ho and Kam-ling are introduced into the bureau in their childhood and are brought up as the disciples in the palace. The two girls are very diligent. Yuen Tsui-wan, Head of the Jewels, and Chung Suet-ha, Head of Attire, are both very fond of Sam-ho for she is a kind-hearted young girl and shows great capabilities in the decorative arts of jewellery and silk work. Both of them fight bitterly to have Sam-ho in their departments. In the end, Sam-ho is assigned to Department of Attire while, Kam-Ling is assigned to the Department of Jewellery.
Years later, Sam-ho meets Ko Hin-yeung, a palace scholar and also a chess teacher, the two shares a secret love compassion for one and another. The young prince Yi, has now grown up and he is returning to the palace. Later on in the series he becomes the Emperor after an evading assassinations with the help of Sam-ho and Hin-yeung. He promotes Hin-yeung as the Palace General because of his faithfulness. Sam-ho later becomes the Head of the Jewel Department. Even though the Emperor has deep feeling for Sam-ho and wants to have Sam-ho as his concubine, he decides to bury his feeling for her when he discovers that Hin-yeung and Sam-ho are deeply in love and they were planning to leave the palace together once the emperor was safe.
Sam-ho and Kam-ling continue to enjoy a very close friendship, treating each other as sisters and this provokes jealousy among other palace girl servants. Time and again some of them will try to get Sam-ho and Kam-ling into trouble. However, Sam-ho's honesty and kind attitude endears many powerful people in the palace and they always come to her aid. Whereas, Kam-ling uses her cunning mind to get rid of her enemies. As time passed, Kam-ling realised in order to protect herself from the bullying and to be able to survive in the palace she has to be someone who is powerful and respected. Therefore, she slowly works on a scheme to gain favour of the Empress Dowager Cheng, Yi's mother. She was eventually chosen as one of the Yi's concubines. From there she works on a bigger scheme to get rid of all her competitors, which eventually includes Sam-ho.



Lau family

Yu YangLau Chong-pai
Lau Sam-ho's father
Died in Episode 25 (Poisoned by Head of Army)
Crystal TinKong Choi-king
Lau Sam-ho's mother
Died in Episode One due to wounds from the punishment.
Charmaine ShehLau Sam-ho
Palace Maid→Assistant Head of Jewellery→Head of Jewellery Proceedings (Episode 14)→Concubine Tak (Episode 31)
Go Hin-yeung's Wife (Episode 25)
Lee Yi's Crush
Leaves the palace and gives birth to Hin-yeung's daughter, sees him.(Episode 33)
Tavia YeungYiu Kam-ling
Palace Maid→Assistant Head of Jewellery →Concubine Lai (Episode 16)
Miscarriages (Episode 20)
Kills Bo Gut-Chong in Ep.22 (Revealed in Ep.23)
Frames Concubine Yin (Yin Fei) and her mother, Suen Ka-bik.
Becomes mentally unstable in Episode 33
(Main Villain)

Lee family

Susan TseEmpress Dowager Guo
Empress Dowager → Grand Empress Dowager
Grandmother of Lee Chin
Lee Jau's mother
Died in episode 14
Mary HonEmpress Dowager Zheng
Concubine Dowager→Empress Dowager
Lee Yi's mother
Died in episode 32
Eric LiLee Jau
Emperor Muk-Tsung
Died in episode 2
Edwin SiuLee Chin
Emperor Mou-Tsung
Died in Episode 10
Moses ChanLee Yi
Prince Kwong→Emperor Suen-Tsung
Has a crush on Lau Sam-ho
Jeffrey WongLee Chun
Prince of Qi
Eldest son and heir presumptive of Emperor Mou-tsung but never Crown Prince

Inner palace

Susan TseGrand Empress Dowager Kwok
Killed by Head of Army (Episode 14)
Mary HonEmpress Dowager Cheng
Lee Yi's mother
killed by Concubine Lai (Episode 32)
Tavia YeungConcubine Lai (Lai Fei)
麗妃;also 姚金玲
Concubine to Lee Yi
Episode 16
Selena LiConcubine Yin (Yin Fei)
賢妃;also 万宝賢
Concubine to Lee Yi
Episode 16
Miscarriage and died in episode 31
(killed by Concubine Lai)
Charmaine ShehConcubine Tak (Tak Fei)
Concubine to Lee Yi
Married to Ko Hin-yeung in Episode 25
Later leaves the palace
Episode 31
Tracy IpNoble Concubine Wong
Concubine to Lee Chin
Mandy ChoConcubine Wai
Concubine to Lee Chin
Died in episode 9 (killed by Head of Army)
Lily LiTsui Ma-Ma
Maid of the Empress Dowager Kwok
Beheaded in episode 7

Man family

Cheung Kwok KeungMan Gim-fung
Father of Man Po-yin
Paralysed in Episode 30
Married to Yuen Chui-wan in Episode 33
Yvonne LamSuen Ka-bik
Man Po-yin's mother
Cousin of Ma Yuen-zi
Executed in episode 21
Was Accused For Using Dark Magic That Caused Concubine Lai's Miscarriage
Selena LiMan Po-yin
Concubine to Lee Yi
Daughter of Man Gim-fung and Suen Ka-bik
Died in episode 31 (killed by Concubine Lai)

Ko family

Kwok FungKo Yiu-On
Palace Chess Teacher
Hin-yeung's father
Died in Episode 25 (Poisoned by Head of Army)
Kevin ChengKo Hin-yeung
Palace Chess Teacher→Palace General
Marries Sam-ho in Episode 25
Assumed to have amnesia due to incident in Episode 31
Loses his memory in Episode 33

[edit]Imperial household bureau

Ching Hor WaiChoi Jong-ping
Head of Palace Proceedings
Retired and stripped of her status and possessions in Episode 19
Assumed dead due to terminal liver illness
Michelle YimChung Suet-ha
Head of Embroidery Proceedings→Head of Palace Proceedings (Episode 22)
Marries Bo Gut-chong on his deathbed
Susanna KwanYuen Chui-wan
Assistant Head of Jewellery→Head of Jewellery Proceedings (Episode 1)→Head of Furnishings (Episode 14)→ Head of Furnishings & Embroidery Proceedings(Episode 22)
Married to Man Gim-fung in Episode 33
Kara HuiTam Yim-suen
Head of Food & Beverages Proceedings
Niece of Choi Jong-ping
(Semi-Villain up to Episode 19)
Rosanne LuiWu So-yan
Head of Furnishings Proceedings (died in Episode 13, committed suicide)
Tried to poison Yuen Chui-wan.
Yoyo ChenChin Fei-yin
Palace Maid
Kam Ling's personal maid.
Betray Concubine Lai to reveal her guilt to Lee Yi (Episode 33)

[edit]Servants in the palace

Lee Kwok LunMa Yuen-zi
Head Eunuch
Commander Imperial household troops(Villain)
Cousin of Suen ka-bik
Godfather of Concubine Yin
Died in Episode 33 (stabbed by concubine Lai)
(Main Villain)
Ram ChiangBo Gut-chong
Head Servant in the Palace
Bo Siu-shun's Adopted Father
Died in episode 22 (Killed by Concubine Lai)
Married to Chung Suet-ha on deathbed
Vin ChoiBo Siu-shun
Servant in the Palace
The Mistaken son of Man Gim-fung and Yuen Choi-wan (Episode 24), later god son
Bo Gut-chong's adopted son
Chung Suet-ha's god son
Lau DanLi Tak-yu
Prime Minister and Lee Chin's friend
Died of illness in episode 27
Leo TsangPhysician Si
The Royal Surgeon
Bribed by concubine Lai to assist killing Suen Ka-pik, Man Po-yin and Empress Dowager Cheng
Died in Episode 32 (killed on Ma Yuen-zi's command)